"SEL+" Teacher Professional Development

SEL is the process through which children and adults learn to understand and manage emotions; create and achieve goals; demonstrate empathy for others; maintain positive relationships; and, make good and responsible decisions (CASEL, 1994).

 SEL Competencies Wheel by CASEL

Many characteristics of fully "educated people" are that they are developing a personal philosophy which will allow them to be happy and successful; have the ability and the discipline to constantly improve; and have the ability to pursue lifelong learning.  SEL is the primary contributor for children developing and practicing these ideals, which are critically important yet are often left to the child to develop on his or her own.  Additionally, a strong SEL program can support everyone in a school community - students, faculty, staff, and parents - as they practice and model these ideals and so create a positive and attractive school culture that supports continuous growth. 

The Angel Education "SEL+" teacher professional development program will create a learning community for teachers to explore, reflect and support each other. This workshop series - created at academic institutions and supported by research - is designed from the perspectives of education, psychology, sociology and cultural studies.  The "dialogical space" that is created by the workshops will allow the teachers to bring in their personal experiences and assist them in reflecting on knowledge, their roles as teachers, teacher-student relations, and the intersection of school-family-community.  Research-based activities will help teachers reach the highest professional goals associated with becoming effective agents of change for social transformation — all done for the benefit of children and youth.