Our Team

Yannie (Xiangyan) Liu completed her PhD in Education at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2015, with a specialization in the Social and Cultural Contexts of Education.  She had her Master Degree in Education from Peking University, China.  Her research and professional experiences in Asia and the United States have prepared her as a cross-cultural researcher and practitioner in the field of education.  As a learner and teacher in the field of education, a researcher on youth, families and schools, and an active community builder with passion for equity, development and social justice, she believes, we are born to make a difference and education will be redefined through all of our efforts.   

Educational Research and Practices

  • Research on reflective practices of the US-based social and emotional learning (SEL) in PK-12 schools

  • Design curriculum and provide SEL-based professional development for principals, teachers and stuff

  • Build tools to empower educators, parents and youth with critical perspectives on holistic education

  • Collaborate with various partners to develop professional development and parenting workshops